Career Opportunities

Financial Accounting: A financial accountant provides information to decision makers that are external to an organization. Selected areas include preparation, analysis, auditing, regulation, consulting, and planning.

Managerial Accounting: A managerial accountant is an accountant employed by an economic entity to perform its internal accounting activities. Areas of specialization in addition to general accounting include cost accounting, budgeting, internal auditing, and consulting.

Government Accounting: Certain government agencies, on the national, state, and municipal level, employ accountants. Opportunities are also available in non-profit organizations, the Internal Revenue Service, the United States Secret Service, and the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Accounting Related Opportunities: Job opportunities related to the field of accounting are numerous and varied. Some such positions are in lending, constancy, analysis, planning, trading, underwriting, appraising, systems designing, and professorships.


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