Medical Laboratory Technology


Seward County Community College
Allied Health Division
Medical Laboratory Technology Program
Admission Process



1. After contacting a MLT faculty member, request an application.

2. Complete the following forms and return to the MLT program coordinator.


Application to MLT:

• SCCC Application/Scholarship Form
• Allied Health Application Form
• Health Record Form
• Transcript Requests
• Financial Aid Interview Form
• Three (3) Reference Forms - to be returned only by the individual completing the form. References should only be given by immediate supervisors and/or instructors.
• Essential Functions Consent Form

MLT program director begins file on applicant with checklist.



Applicant meets with the Financial Aid representative to discuss financial aid, and signs and submits the "Financial Aid Interview Form" to the MLT Program Director.



After receiving the admission forms, health record, transcripts, references, financial aid interview form, and essential functions form. The MLT Program Faculty will schedule an interview with the applicant. The applicant is notified by email or telephone of the date and time of the appointment. A structured interview guide is provided to prospective students and utilized for point allocation.

The interview is conducted by a faculty member and the interview guide is completed.

Selection Process:

The selection process occurs as follows:

• The data from the completed forms, transcripts, references and interview is transferred to the Admission Evaluation Tabulation form and the tabulation score is computed. The applicants are then ranked in order of their scores.

• The Allied Health Admission Committee meets during April and as needed to review the recommendations of the Allied Health programs. Decisions are made to admit, defer, or reject each recommendation.

• The applicants will be notified by email/mail of their acceptance, deferral, or rejection status.


Readmission Process:

For students who have previously been in the MLT program and have successfully completed a portion of the curriculum requirements, contact the Dean of Allied Health / Director of MLT at 1-800-373-9951 x 1403 or via email at

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