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Associate in Applied Science Degree

First Year: Prerequisites for Admission (27 credit hours)
BI2115 Anatomy & Physiology with Lab
MA1103 Intermediate or College Algebra
EG1103 English Composition I
EG1113 English Composition II or  SP1203 Public Speaking
BH1303 General Psychology
CH1505 College Chemistry I
BI2705 Microbiology

5 hrs.
3 hrs.
3 hrs.
3 hrs.

3 hrs.
5 hrs.  5 hrs. 


First Year: Spring Semester
RT1126 RT Procedures I
RT1104 Respiratory Physiology 
RT1502 RT Pharmacology


6 hrs.
4 hrs.
2 hrs.


First Year: Summer Semester
RT1112 Respiratory Diseases                      Open for required general education courses if needed (see faculty advisor).


2 hrs.   


Second Year: Fall Semester
RT2125 RT Procedures II
RT2013 Pediatric & Neonatal Respiratory Care
RT2014 Clinical Practicum II


5 hrs.
3 hrs.

4 hrs.


Second Year: Spring Semester
RT2133 RT Procedures III
RT2315 RT Clinical Practicum III
RT2601 RT Seminar


3 hrs.
5 hrs.
1 hr.


Summer Semester:
RT2606 Critical Care Practicum                  RT2251 Clinical  Simulation and Review


6 hrs.  1 hr.


Major Requirements Total


69 hrs.


*General Psychology, Public Speaking and either College Chemistry I or Microbiology may be completed concurrent with the program core curriculum with RT program advisors permission. Any exceptions for prerequisite course completion dates may be considered for approval by the program coordinator. All prerequisite courses must be completed prior to enrolling in the Critical Care Practicum course.

A grade of "C" or better is required for all general education and respiratory therapy courses.


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