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Associate in Arts Degree


EG1103 English Composition I
EG1113 English Composition II
SP1203 Public Speaking

9 credit hours

College Algebra: (MA1173 or higer-level mathematics)


3 credit hours


Art (excluding studio art)
Music (excluding applied music or ensembles)

Modern Language


12 credit hours - must be from at least three of the listed disciplines

Physical Education Activity (PE1431 - Concepts of Health and Wellness, PE1761 or PE2213)


1 credit hour

First Year Seminar (BH1001- First Year Seminar or equivalent)


1 credit hour

Social & Behavioral Sciences:



Political Science

12 credit hours - must be from at least three of the listed disciplines

Lab Sciences: (Lecture with Lab)

Natural Science
Physical Science

9 credit hours

Major Requirements Total:


47 credit hours

Core Emphasis (Options: Choose 3 courses)

8 credit hours

Electives Total: (Review transfer destination for guidance on electives)


5 credit hours

Total Degree Requirements:


60 credit hours
Core Emphasis (Options: Choose 3 courses)   
Course IDCourse NameCredit HoursCourse IDCourse NameCredit Hours 
AR1703Survey of Art History I 3AR1323Art Appreciation 3
AR1713Survey of Art History II 3AR1403Two-Dimensional Design 3
AR1453Drawing I 3AR1413Three-Dimensional Design 3
AR1463Drawing II 3AR1253Glass Blowing I 3
AR1303Ceramics I 3AR1263Glass Blowing II 3
AR1313Ceramics II 3   
Degree Planning Guide - Some courses are only available one time per year  
Semester Plan   
First Year (17 credit hours)Credit HoursSecond Semester (14 credit hours)Credit Hours
English Composition I3Art Appreciation3
Survey of Art History I3General Psychology3
Public Speaking3Principles of Sociiology3
Drawing I3Principles of Biology with Lab5
Two-Dimensional Design I3  
First Year Seminar1  
Concepts of Health & Wellness1  
Third Semester (15 credit hours) Fourth Semester (17 credit hours) 
English Composition II3Introduction to Literature3
College Algebra3World Regional Geography3
Survey of Art History II3American National Government3
Drawing II3Physical Science with Lab5
Three-Dimensional Design3Ceramics I/II3


For All Electives students should strongly consider taking courses that transfer and matching requirements to transfer destination and major.

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