From: 5/11/22
Duration: 3:45 PM – 4:45 PM (Time Zone Sensitive)

Title Business Over Breakfast: Unemployment Law
Description: SU214E/W Unemployment Insurance was established to protect the involuntarily unemployed from the financial burdens and dangers associated with being unemployed. When an employee is let go due to a situation beyond their control – for example, a worker who was laid off – they can apply to receive a percentage of the wages they would have earned if they were still employed to tide them over until they can find another job. If, as an employer, you have received notice that one of your former employees has made a claim for unemployment benefits, what are your options and responsibilities. In this presentation, Shirla McQueen will offer instruction as to the following: 1. What are the employer’s obligations upon receiving notice that a claim for unemployment benefits has been made? 2. What are the downsides to not responding to the request for information made to the employer by the Department of Labor? 3. Under what circumstances is the former employee qualified for unemployment benefits? 4. What would disqualify the former employee from receiving unemployment benefits?
Type: Class

End Date: None

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